Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow, Glorious Snow


Well I like it. 

There used to be more of it though when I was at school.  It didn't give us a holiday as soon as term started, so schoolchildren today must like it even more than me.  So must the delivery driver who couldn't deliver towels to my Club because of  half an inch of snow that had melted the day before on the road.  I had to dry off in the sauna.

I think the prejudice that has grown up towards snow today is caused because it's white.  Traditionally, white represents good, and alongside useful and friendly carrier bags (see first post ) Satan also hates white.

Incidentally, Satan also hates fresh bottled water from a spring, particularly in the car, rather than tap water that goes stale, which Satan likes to drink. Satan, well, some gay labour ministers, claim it's immoral for people to chose to drink God's water.

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