Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Lost Symbol

So the official explanation of why the Freemasonry symbol of the All Seeing Eye was put on American dollar notes whilst Freemasons were involved in setting up America, is that it's, er, um, a coincidence.   Well Baldrick who did the interview over Christmas may have fell for that, but Dan Brown does seem to have uncovered something genuinely suspicious.

Mind you, this all pales in comparison to my expose in my book of how the Romans planned a second execution for Jesus Christ after the first one didn't work, and how this led to the setting up of the Taliban 2000 years later after arabs discovered a palimpsest containing a lost fragment of  Gaius's Elements of Roman Law.

Yet even this shrinks in significance to the New Calendar that came into force in Old Time October 1992.
So far only one person, um, myself is using it.  It's brilliant though. It's not possible to draw up the calendar more than one week ahead, so there are reduced problems in over-committing oneself.  Another feature is that as it's not always convenient to celebrate solstices and equinoxes when they occur, only official eqinoxes and solstices are celebrated on convenient dates, which of course can vary from year to year.  

 Film Coup - First ever Filming of the Official Solstice under the New Calendar

Once everyone in the world starts to use my calendar, everyone will stop being out of sync with me!!

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  1. Well it's probably time for a New Calendar!!

    Would the foreigners understand it though?