Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Support Animal Rights to Run Off to the Circus!!

Animals should have the right to escape from the Zoo and run off to the Circus! You’ve never heard of a child running off to join the Zoo have you?

In the Circus they’ll be loved and have fun – in fact you can’t get an animal to perform Circus tricks if it’s unhappy like in a Zoo. Children love Circuses and Circus animals pick this up. In the Circus they’re treated as animal persons rather than zoo specimens. Circuses are fun places.

So why the obsession about banning Circuses, from nazi charities and taliban Councils to crazed MPs? After all, a Government report in 2007 said that there was no evidence there was any problem for animal needs to be met by circuses, and that any ban would be political not scientific (report based on DEFRA Working Circus Group).

The real reason crazed people banned animals in Circuses was because the sound and sight of a huge tent full of happy people, and happy children, and happy animals made these control freaks vomit. The flesh on some of them started to melt too at the thought!

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