Saturday, 20 February 2010

Just When I thought the Web Was OK...

...the BBC celebrated it with interviews with satan's disciples like Bill Gates.  The Homo Interneticus programme ended with some East European saying how wonderful that we were going to evolve into a new species.  Their future hope sounded like a cross between The Matrix and The Lawnmower Man where James Bond or Pierce Brosnan battled against a crazed megalomaniac who turned himself into electricity and entered the World Wide Web, his first fiendish act being to ring everybody's telephone.  Yes I was puzzled about the ending too.   Anyway, didn't Dr Who warn us that "You're so easily controlled" in the episode where everyone wore those earpieces that look like Mr Spock's ears?

In typical BBC fashion, the most intelligent of people interviewed, like the lady psychologist who succinctly pointed out the 'need' for an artificially created feeling was consuming people, were ignored in the final worship of the World Wide Web, with more viruses in it than in all the bottoms of the gay people holding up the traffic whilst causing a public nuisance chanting how proud they are of their bottoms.

It was good to be shaken not just stirred a bit.  It dawned on me that internet social networking is not much different to a network of brains in jars, linked to each other, sending messages.

The Web must be satan if the BBC is celebrating it.  In fact both Dr G and I myself agreed when the Net started to take hold, that it was satan, but I was then turned into thinking it was OK as there's some good jokes in it.

So here I am, in the heart of satan, exposing his bare botty and some of the villains  who work for him.

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  1. I tried to take their test on the BBC site but they wanted you to open up an account with them first - it was all BBC (Big Brother Crap)