Friday, 12 February 2010

Brushed Stainless Steel Hobs

Satan obviously inspired these. They were brought in as the most inept disembodied evil spirit could create scratches on them with barely a thought. They take more time to clean leaving no marks, than a fleet of classic cars from a muddy rally driven by the sort of mechanics that leave dirty footprints on the carpet and greasy fingerprints on the trim.

The modern labour saving kitchen is of couse a myth.  They are designed to stress out and punish anyone who uses them, rather than goes out to get Klingon food from a takeaway.

The kitchen seemed to go all wrong when we were persuaded by slick Continentals that sinks made of the flimiest steel, so that taps wobble in them, and with the tiniest single drainer, and with no overflow to stop the kitchen flooding, were so sophisticated that they were worth the cost of a world cruise. 

Or was it the introduction of the 'work to rule' dishwasher, where Dishwasher Union rules require that humans have to first wash the dishes themselves before putting them into the dishwasher, and anything that could do with a bit of  labour saving, like oven pans, couldn't be put into the dishwasher because they wouldn't fit, or catch on the fan, and even if they could, Dishwasher Union rules dictated that they still had to be cleaned by hand afterwards.

Mind you, the ladies seem to go for the modern kitchen, so perhaps us chaps should leave the kitchen cleaning and washing up to them whilst we valet the car.  That's fair, and traditional. 

Women love their kitchens and men love their cars.


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  1. Well I'll second the suggestion about sharing the workload - women to the kitchen, men to the cars.