Monday, 15 February 2010

Angels and Demons

You've heard that 'Fools Go Where Angels Fear to Tread' .

So what are Angels afraid of?

Well, Angels have many fears.

Such as:

TECHNOPHOBIA - fear of updating to Microsoft's latest operating system.

HOMOPHOBIA - fear of comedians kissing each other rather than telling any good jokes.

CANNIPHOBIA - fear of people like Hannibal Lechter and politicians in general of course.

XENOPHOBIA - fear of people like Napoleon and of all those running EU who think they're Napoleon.

NECROPHOBIA - screwing one's face up at the thought of doing it with corpses. 

ISLAMAPHOBIA - fear of being blown up, beheaded, or meeting anyone in a dark alley whose role model really is a mass murderer who today would have been tried for war crimes - Mohammed.

TRANSPHOBIA -  mostly suffered by ladies having problems saying "Oooh, you're just like us" to mental patients displaying their penises and drug inflated chests in the ladies changing room.

PAEDOPHOBIA - fear of  Minister for the Child.

The list goes on.

So why don't Fools have these fears?  Well, Satan and his army of demons have told all the Fools that it's wrong to have these fears. For example, if a mental patient can only emotionally and sexually relate to a giraffe's bottom, then the Fool is told that it's wrong to think anything of it. That it's giraffaecalphobic to be puzzled as to why the giraffe should be entitled to a British passport and a pension.

What the Fool needs to know is that even Dr G. would admit that all the phobias mentioned in so called government and police documents, like homophobia and transphobia, are not actually recognised by the medical profession.

What it means is that no-one need take the government or police seriously - both have completely lost it!

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