Friday, 5 February 2010


In the satire Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter said that words meant whatever he chose them to mean.

Today's Mad Hatters have done better!!

They know normal people feel uncomfortable talking like Mad Hatters. So, to help normal people become as mad as they are, the Mad Hatters have invented words which they DEFINE as meaning whatever anyone wants them to mean. That way, normal people can use them without qualms, and hey presto, become as mad as the Hatters.

A crazed scottish Mad Hatter, William Macpherson, defined 'racist' as meaning whatever anyone wanted it to mean. Not only that, any 'racist' incident, like a brown cornish pasty sitting in a baker's shop window, should be treated as a criminal offence. So anything should be treated as a criminal offence if anyone wants it to!  The credit shouldn't go to him alone, who chaired the Stephen Laurence enquiry.  Mad Hatters had been promoting their linguistic orientation for some time.

Satan's fiendish junta (see Satan's Fiendish Junta) of toppest of the lot coppers, even if some of them couldn't remember how an arrest should be carried out, have boldly let the most deviant and looniest of the lot coppers in each force, claim that the Americanism 'homophobia' is whatever you think is 'homophobia'. Not only that, but the slightest scent of this chameleon Americanism should be reported, even if it's just a lollipop stick sticking out of a litter bin, so that senior police nutters can order some hapless copper under them to go and have words with the lollipop stick..

No wonder normal people in Police Forces across the country have been driven into the closet, scared of admitting having normal thoughts with all the loonies over them.


  1. Police are sick sexual bullies ordered by ACPO, which in turn is inspired by a new freemasonry-type organisation, Common Purpose, a leadership course provider and fake charity that pays no taxes either.

    ACPO's drivel on its leadership comes from CP.

    CP basically tempts people in public positions to believe their power is their own.