Friday, 21 May 2010

No Spending Cuts for Satan!!

You're not going to hear this from satan's appointed ones:

"So sorry, we just can't afford EU anymore and will be leaving next week.
We'll still keep existing programmes for UK, however daft, but will be saving a fortune on the commissions being charged by the Germans and French for dreaming them up.  By leaving we'll also be encouraging East Europe to build itself up rather than relocating here."

After all, Satan has good reason to be pleased with his Fourth Reich or EU.

The Fourth Reich really is much more polished than his Third Reich.

The seediness of Berlin under the Nazis was quite an amateur affair.

In the Fourth Reich sexual normality is now a crime against the State!

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  1. Mind you some in the EU have mentioned the word 'sin' - think they were referring to Peter Mandelson.