Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What Happened to the Village Idiot?

I remember a teacher at school telling us that all the village idiots are now in Parliament, which is why there aren't any in today's villages.

Another teacher suggested that Parliament may as well be full of chimpanzees when a boy asked him what Party he supported.

The laboratory assistant once at the end of a physics lesson came up to us basically explaining that Freud was a perv, love being rather stronger than sex, and hardly meriting the pedestal journalists placed him on. If we'd asked a teacher about Freud, the kindest thing might be a mention that Freud himself admitted that inside he was full of darkness - no doubt why satan's army raised him up so much!

It was the headmaster at the front of the class who first introduced me to the expression 'minds like sewers'. I assumed he was referring to boys' thoughts about girls, as there was a healthy and natural protective culture of jokes about anything faecal - those were the days before paedophile membered charities like Stonewall were welcomed with open arms (and before the mysterious censoring of the fact that most paedophiles are homosexuals).

There was plain speaking - which young minds absorb easier!

Hardly surprising the school in my days had the reputation of being the best in the area.

Of course, today the idea that there are toerags and scum and paedophiles and baby and granny killing supporters at the centre of the Establishment is not something emphasised to children.

At least a tabloid columnist had my kind of education and described MPs - after they supported the most monstrous, deviant sexual child bullies of all time, denying orphans the most basic human right to be cared for by normal people, rather than by deviant adoption workers, willing to force the weakest child to accept homosexuality and to place them in deviant emotional domestic environments, to satisfy the nazi demands of the spiritually depraved and the mentally unbalanced, fully reducing Britain to a rogue State mocking the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which in turn seems to sanction violence against rogue States so we could ask the Taliban to bomb the government - er, as just "pigs".

But then, normal people going into politics have never seemed to carry much weight.

Still, I don't believe everything I was taught at school - I was taught that the most evil man could be redeemed but I can't see how some dank, corrupted souls could be fixed.

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