Monday, 6 June 2011

Why We Don't Have the Right Kind of Foreigner

NB This post is written as background notes for some Whitehall officials dealing with the problem of the wrong kind of foreigner. It's in green as suggested by Dr G. It's good to see he's making constructive and creative suggestions at last!
In my day, 'foreigner' meant visiting Swedish girl.  Language schools were a fount of visions - French girls, Swiss girls, German girls...foreign girls!

The word 'foreigner' didn't mean someone from the moons of Jupiter, who looked perfectly normal on Ganymede but struggle to keep their form in the different environment here - and regard us as the aliens!  There weren't any.

Now of course, since Britain 'joined' Europe after relinquishing its Empire, there are no Europeans here (East Europeans don't count of course).
Only foreigners who'd been taught to run their their own country!

Clearly, politicians have been at work here.

I suggest the officals' report should recommend abolishing the Home Rule policy of bringing all the natives back home to rule.  It's clearly putting off all the Swedish girls !


  1. Dear Reverend
    Have you not thought about the fact that today is the anniversary of D-Day? I think that has a great bearing on your uplifting sermon for today?
    PS this Dr G sounds like he is very wise!

  2. Ah, D Day. Let's celebrate