Friday, 6 May 2011

Bin Laden Didn't Complain !

The CIA complimented Bin Laden's skills as an 'operative'.

Like staying in the same room for five years so no-one would have time to get a fix on him - perhaps he learned about staying in the same place from Saddam Hussein !

I 'd like to compliment Bin Laden too.  After all, he never complained!

He didn't keep promoting his human rights to practice his religion of killing off the infidels, and didn't keep coming out with stuff like "It's time to stop the hate".

The problem with groups like moderate muslims and political homosexuals is that they like to play the victim card rather than exercise this thing called 'responsibility'.

If you go round worshipping a book that describes christians and jews as the "vilest" creatures on earth for all time as long as they reject Mohammed, so vile that Mohammed's followers who shirked from killing them on command were sent to hell, then you're not going to be terribly popular in the West.  The inhuman mirror you hold claiming your superiority in following Mohammed steeped in blood, reflects on yourself.

Um, however moderate Tony Blair might think you are.

Religion doesn't come into it.


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