Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Organised Criminal Gangs Dictating Law

A Logo of Today’s Organised Trading Crime

One  science fiction theme about the future was about Private Company legislation by nasty companies.

It’s now happened.   The nasties today are actually criminals but in Illegitimate Britain that fits in rather nicely!

The British Parking Association here are the criminals that directed the nonsense about parking contained in the cynically named Protection of Freedoms Act.

The BPA were aiding and abetting criminal trading for some years prior to being rewarded by being asked to sup with Coalition ministers and idiot officials of today’s Whitehall.

As for being criminals, this rogue organisation openly defended one of their ‘members’ trading anonymously, using just a trade name and mail drop address.

A criminal member who even made small claims anonymously in the Bournemouth County Court against his victims !!!

Not only did the British Parking Company defend their 'members' trading anonymously - a criminal offence under trading law -  but this organised criminal gang REFUSED to supply the legal identity of that particular member of theirs, contrary to the waffle on their website about how respectable they are by providing such information!!   They bizarrely claimed that providing the legal identity of any of their members operating car parks and making criminal threats was contrary to Data Protection law!!

Hardly surprising that Coalition Clown Ministers, and ACPO police - so called police beyond any imaginings that anyone decades earlier could ever have had - found it so agreeable to have these slimy crooks in their offices and treated as part of 'government' in Rogue Britain.

The preferred use of number plate recognition cameras and ridiculous ‘parking charges’ rather than conventional methods of barrier management for car parks, should be a clear indication of the criminal nature of the BPA and their members, even for those who haven’t seen the endless documents breaching the Administration of Justice Act which the British Parking Association and their paying members criminally plotted to produce.

I won't be holding my breath waiting for any political party including UKIP, promising to put these crooks where they belong - in the stocks or in dungeons!

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