Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Missing Meal

Holmes pondered some of the critical facts of the case after Clarkson was sacked from the BBC.

First, the Irishman was an experienced field man and not to know what time the kitchen closed in a remote hotel seemed odd.

Second, the Irishman was involved in death defying stunts for years, yet drove miles to A&E for a minor cut requiring no teatment.

Third, people who work well together tend to bond, not get extremely uptight to the point of manhandling their colleague.

Fourth, although Clarkson apologised on several occasions after the incident, the Irishman made no attempt to stop the manic torrent coming from the Press.

"Clarkson was set up" Holmes announced to his straight, heterosexual, traditional male partner, Dr Watson.

"Well, it is the BBC" Watson commented.  "Rumours are that there's a pit leading straight to the bowels of Hell, where senior members meet to carry out all sorts of depraved devil worship and homosexual practices".

"It's elementary really" continued Holmes "given those four facts."

"My concern as a medical doctor is Clarkson though."  added Watson. "Every man fed  vampire in the Press is after his blood.  The pressure is already beginning to toll.  He's started to tell people it was his fault.  He hasn't looked at those simple facts...."

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