Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On - um, again.

The Department of Public Morale 
"Regulating God For Your Benefit"

To: Our Countrymen

Cc: Our Foreigners

The only thing to fear is fear.

Your fears are many.  All illusions.   These fears of yours are so silly.

LocalCouncilPhobia - such a silly phobia as we're giving them more powers so you can be free; RockyHorrowShowBritainPhobia; TerroristIdeologyPhobia; SexualDeviancyandGlobalPlaguesHomoPhobia; PornPhobia; SchoolCurriculumPhobia; TheyMakeItUpAsTheyGoAlongLawandOrderPhobia; CoalitionPhobia; SociopathicSexManiacsInGovernmentPhobia....the list goes on you silly people.

Read good literature and overcome your fears.   We produce the finest literature as we recruit the finest minds.  Most Government literature now refer to phobias to help you see how silly they are.  New phobias are being discovered every day, so keep on reading ...the richness of vocabulary of the Cult of Government knows no bounds.

Conquer your fears and victory will be yours.

Or ours, rather - we do like to think what is yours is ours and what is ours was once yours.

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