Wednesday, 13 May 2015

"They did, they DID!!" 

"They did ask to be ruled by  
a Monster Raving Loony Party!"

Tweety, was so shocked that she couldn't even bite my finger as I fed her another dandelion leaf.

I had to explain it to Tweety:

"Once up a time some psychologists did an experiment.

They told their subjects ( psychologists like to use the vocabulary of Monarchy) that when they flicked a switch which they were given, 400 mains strength voltage would surge through another subject wired up in the next room.

Most obeyed instructions - with the actor in the next room screaming in pretend agony every time they switched on.

It seems that torture and murder were considered OK by the psychologists' loyal subjects as they were in a place of authority! "

Now the leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party is most noted for simultaneously abolishing the English Language and the most fundamental of all human and social institutions since the dawn of civilisation - marriage.

To add exquisite injury to injury, a la Sade, he replaced marriage with a psychotic sodomite institution of the same name where sodomy is now at the heart of everyone's legal marriage (in the hijacked use of the word) in which adultery doesn't exist, and the hijacked words 'husband' can legally mean a woman, and  'wife' can legally mean a 'man'.

This monster raving loonie also called anyone nasty if they felt uneasy about sodomy replacing procreation as the guiding principle behind  family law...

It seems that although Britain has long since ceased to be a legitimate State, people en masse still regard politicians as representing authority, as they did the psychologists, and therefore anything goes, including global government by the LGBT psycho Illuminati.  

Even if Parliament passed the Droit du Seignor for MPs, that would be legitimate too to most of the electorate (with the Brotherhood a la 1984, like C4M and the Vatican II Church, objecting but still regarding it as legitimate law as MPs gang banged the virgin wives of their choosing)...
In fact, the Palace has acknowledged to me that the 'Monarch' would approve of absolutely anything passed by both Houses of Parliament (that is, the lower House of the twisted, and the upper House of the exquisitely twisted), whatever International Law Britain signed up to might say...

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