Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Catholic Church, Not

'Jesus never really rose from the dead'   Pope Benedict XVI   [1]

'There is no Catholic God'   Pope Francis

The Glorious Revolution in the Conservative Party is well known.

Party members wincing at sodomy being placed at the legal centre of their British marriage are called 'nasty'.

The Glorious Revolution in the Catholic Church seems less well known - even though the last pope denied the Resurrection [1] and the current one, no doubt seeking to show his soundness, has declared that there is no Catholic God !

Perhaps because the revolutionaries were careful to occasionally utter something traditional.

However, any Catholic suspected of being a genuine traditionalist would be threatened with excommunication.

I wrote to Cardinal Hume once pointing out that Canon Law required public figures like Gerry Adams - fronting terrorism and racketeering at the time - to be excommunicated rather than being shown taking Holy Communion on television.

His response was to threaten me with excommunication!

I had written a quite suitably polite and respectful formal letter but had made the mistake of adding my support for the traditional Latin Mass.

Church revolutionaries would regularly seize on support for the traditional Mass as grounds for excommunication, even though it never has been, even after the Glorious Revolution of Vatican II.

In fact traditionalists were getting so fed up with constantly being threatened with excommunication that a Committee of Cardinals was set up to pronounce that attending a traditional Mass is not actually a ground  for excommunication.

Revolutionaries then realised that conducting traditional Masses would be excellent cover for them where parishioners were deemed to be a bit reactionary in their beliefs.....

[1]  Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection   2011 p243
Also as the former Fr Ratzinger he denied that the New Testament says anything about the Resurrection as an actual event - Principles of Catholic Theology 1987 p184 "The resurrection cannot be a historical event in the same sense as the Crucifixtion is..there is no account that depicts it as such".   Clearly he was an attractive choice for Pope in a Vatican ruled by Satan, according to the third secret of Fatima which some newspapers published, after a monk hijacked a plane to get the information out...

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