Saturday, 27 August 2011

This is the Last Blog

If you're British you might like to start at the beginning.

If you're from Google of course, you'll want to start at the End


  1. How can this be? Rev Roland is just getting into his stride. I wait with bated breath evry month for his words of wisdom. Truly we are now a people without pearls!!! from Apostle

  2. 'Twas whilst deep in the land of Celtic mystery the Good Lord signalled me to stop.

    Fear not, though, my son. For seekers after such pearls shall find them.

    And don't forget to download these!

  3. Actually there could be a spin off blog dealing with the Gay Terror takeover of Dr Who seeking to produce a sort of Mental Aids in the minds of BBC victims.

    Last week we learned that Amy's baby was kidnapped to be brainwashed into killing Dr Who when she's grown into a middle aged lush, before she goes off to see what here breasts look like, and while Hitler's locked in the cupboard.

    Only having been fathered by a 2000 year old waxwork Roman Soldier, the lush has the ability to bring the doctor back to life after she's killed him.

    Immortality was also the gift the Tardis gave to the promiscuous homosexual in Torchwood who's constantly saving the world and is turned into a Christ like figure with people calling him a miracle and drinking his blood after he's crucified and before he ditches the illegal immigrant in America he seduced in the current series, such a gay act to lead to everyone becoming immortal on earth, in a series designed to produce physical retching leading to brain paralysis in anyone watching who has a functioning brain.

    This week everyone forgets they're supposed to be looking for the kidnapped baby and gaily talk about sightseeing the universe.